Saturday, 12 January 2013

How to Unlock Your SIM - Locked Samsung Galaxy S/S2/S3 With “GalaxSim Unlock - App” ?

Tools Needed :
1.      SIM Locked Handset (Samsung Galaxy S/S2/S3)
2.      GalaxSim Unlock App -  Download Here
Note :
·         This  will work only in Rooted Samsung Galaxy S/S2/S3.Dont Try in non rooted device.
·         Before Installing this  Backup EFS folder using KTools App From Play Store
Many people buy a SIM-locked handset and later pay for getting it unlocked. However, if you have a SIM-locked Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, or Galaxy S3, there is method that can unlock your phone and let you enjoy a SIM-free experience.

Features of the GalaxSim Unlock App:
·        Unlock/unbrand your phone.
·        Jelly Bean firmware support
·        Works on any existing rooted ROM
·        Supports international Galaxy S3 i9300 (US Qualcomm based GS3 are not supported for now)
·        Supports other Galaxy family devices (S, S2 and their variants)
·        Work if you previously unlocked your device with “voodoo unlock” or “galaxy s unlock”
·        Do not use this app if your IMEI has been lost due to any error in nv_data caused by a third party app.
·        Gives you detailed information about current locks status.
·        Backup efs before modifying anything (that should guarantee you a safe use)
·        Enables you to restore your efs backup if you want to.
·        Support for more Galaxy devices to be added soon.

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