Friday, 30 November 2012


How to root your Samsung Galaxy S3 :


  1. Odin 3 – Download Here
  2. CF-Root-SGS3-v6.4 – Download Here
  3. Samsung Kies (only for driver) – Download Here

Step 1: Gather everything you need

  •  First things first -- download the Samsung Kies software and make sure all the drivers for your phone on your PC are up to date. Back up all your contacts, photos and so on if you've already been using it, then disconnect your phone.
  •  Then grab Odin 3 and the rooting software CF-Root-SGS3-v6.4.

Step 2: Extraction 

Extract Odin 3 using WinRar or similar and run the install executable file to install it to your computer. Then extract the CF-Root archive file. The crucial file in here is a .TAR file


Step 3: Loading Odin

Open Odin. You should see that all the boxes and windows in the program are blank. Click on the PDA button in the Files [Download] box in the bottom right-hand quadrant.

That will open a folder browser window, letting you navigate to the CF-Root-SGS3-v6.4 .TAR file you extracted previously. Double click on that and it will load in the field next to the PDA button.

Step 5: Connect and run

When your phone's in download mode, connect it back to your PC and you should see the word 'Added' in the message box in the bottom left quadrant of Odin.
You should have the 'Auto Reboot' and 'Reset Time' boxes already checked. Take a deep breath and click Start.

Odin will then go through the steps to root your phone and will show a green box saying 'Pass' in the program when it's completed. Your phone should then show a black screen with scrolling text (that's the rooting process) before it reboots back into the standard operating system you know and love.
The first time I ran it, it didn't load into the root process, but instead rebooted straight into the Android OS. I simply ran step 4 again and it all worked fine.
Step 6 :
Finished Rooting Your Device
*Important After Rooting Your Device Have Back EFS Folder

How to Backup/Restore  EFS Folder in Samsung Galaxy S3:
Tools Needed :
Ø kTool – Download Here
(*Important this can be downloaded only after rooting)
Download Link
Works Only in Following Device :
·         Galaxy S2
·         Galaxy Note
·         Galaxy Nexus
·         Galaxy S3 (International I9300 - *NOT* US variants)

Restore EFS :

*Important After Back of EFS Folder Make a Copy of that from your sdcard to Your PC .Keep it safe don’t lose it, need in any situation

How to Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S3 :

*Important after Backing up EFS Folder Do the following Procedure

*Important this following procedure only for phone asking for SIM Network Unlock Code

Tools Needed:

  • Voodoo Galaxy SIII SIM Unlock (Removed From PlayStore) 

    •   Download Here (Before Installing Verify Unknown Resource is Checked or not, if not Checked it)

Just click unlock

Finished Your phone has unlocked


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